ABU Optic Chillimps – salmon, steelhead and seatrout fly tying

In 1969 the Abu Optic Chillimps was introduced by Swedish tackle manufactor ABU, but the simple palmer hackled shrimp fly was already a legend in River Mörrum before the Optic eyes were added. The Chillimps was born one late night in a bar near River Mörrum – when three Swedish gentlemen turned a wild idea into a catchy fly. The men responsible for the Chillimps were famous Swedish anglers, Rolf Vilhelmson, Olle Tornblom and Sven Hallman. According to the legend, they used some scraps from a carpet and from the skirt of a waitress to create the fly. True… or just a good story? A lot of thrustworthy people say it’s all true – and it doesn’t really matter. Fishermen love the story and the simple orange Chillimps – and fish feel the same way about it. The addition of the Optic Eyes did not make the beautiful orange fly less popular, and it soon proved to be a killer when fishing for sea run brown trout and Atlantic salmon – and not only in River Mörrum. The text above, and the fly pattern is taken from my book on the Optic Flies.

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