Anniversary… kind of :0)

IMG_9808Usually I’m not really into this ”hey look what I once did” kind of thing. I find it more interesting to look forward instead of backwards in that regard. But… this is kind of special.

This year it’s exactly 20 years since the release of my first fishing book. In Danish the title was Havørredens Byttedyr and the Norwegian version was titled Sjøørretens Byttedyr.

That was back in those days, when fishing books were selling like hotcakes in Scandinavia. I think we made 2000 – 3000 copies for Denmark and even more for Norway – and they went pretty fast.

Nowadays things are a bit different… especially the sales :0)

Well… I’m still in this game, and continue making books on fly tying, fly fishing and outdoorsy stuff (probably 5 or 6 new titles this year alone).

Anyway… this was where it all started… now let’s get on with this stuff!

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