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Today we turn to the dark side. A famous Danish salmon fisherman once said: Colour doesn’t matter – as long as it’s black. He was talking about fly colour and salmon fishing, but the saying applies to most kind of lures and lots of species.

Some people will tell you, that orange is the new black. But… come on… Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen knew, and so should you. Black will never go out of fashion, and it still catch fish on most days.

So, being Black Friday and all, we decided to aim the spotlight on lures draped in that stealthy ninja approved nuance – and go all into the darkness.

2 brand new Black Marabou Jig videos

Black marabou jigs kick started the revival of hair jig fishing. Mainly because Canadian tournament fishermen used this as a secret weapon for years. Today we released two video tutorial on how to tie the effective Black Marabou Jig. They are right here:

And the Blacklist is much longer. Check out this collection of jig- and fly tying tutorials that celebrate the darkness. It’s right here:

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