Shades of Green – fly tying – video

My own pattern inspired by the fabulous Woolly Bugger and Scandinavian sea trout flies like the Magnus. The name… well it is pretty green and at first i just called it “the green fly.” But as it turned out this green bastard caught so many sea trout during it’s first days of action, that I […]

P & S Shrimp (Plain & Simple Shrimp)

Well I’ve given my shrimp pattern some minor corrections along the way. Now I found it was time to give it a name, and make a video of the fly tying process. The name P&S Shrimp means Plain & Simple Shrimp, and here is the fly pattern: Hook: I tie it on a wide range […]

P & S Shrimp – fly tying – video

A shrimp pattern that I made for sea trout fishing in saltwater and brackish water estuaries in Scandinavia. P & S Shrimp stands for Plain & Simple Shrimp, since this fly is pretty easy to tie – and super effective. I use several different hooks models for this one: short shank as well as long […]

Study of a shrimp

We’ll it seems like most Scandinavian fly tiers wanna tie shrimps these days. And for fishing the brackish waters and the salt for sea trout… shrimp flies very often are second to none. Even though we have a long tradition for tying shrimp flies, the craze took a major leap, when the very competent Danish […]

New eyes on my Bucktail Shrimp

A storm hit Denmark yesterday and today… well it’s still raging. Going fishing was not an option. So I’ve spend the day at the tying desk – making 2 dozen shrimp eyes. They are made on 20 pound monofilament dipped in UV-curing resin. After that the eyes are painted with nail lacquer in red, green, […]

Uncorking a brand new season

I had my first 2015 fishing trip today. It felt good to get out and clear my head (still rumbling a bit after New year’s eve) in the mild southwesterly wind. The Fjord was clear and ice free – and with a nice wave that gave me confidence in the project – which was catching […]