Sparkle Fox – steelhead, salmon and seatrout fly tying

Tying sbs and underwater footage of a streamer design mixing arctic fox hair and Woolly Sparkle Dub. With an internal glow from a maroon colored glass bead and the flatbraid body material – this fly is transparent – and the super soft materials breathe like marabou. I use this fly in the salt for sea […]

ABU Optic Chillimps – salmon, steelhead and seatrout fly tying

In 1969 the Abu Optic Chillimps was introduced by Swedish tackle manufactor ABU, but the simple palmer hackled shrimp fly was already a legend in River Mörrum before the Optic eyes were added. The Chillimps was born one late night in a bar near River Mörrum – when three Swedish gentlemen turned a wild idea […]

Blue Zulu Spey – steelhead, salmon and seatrout fly tying

A spey style version of the classic UK trout fly, made for seatrout, salmon and steelhead fishing. Note that I tie the Whiting Spey hackles in at the butt end of the feather… not the tip, as you normally would do with a spey hackle. That gives more volume to the front hackle of the […]

Easter Bunny – Tube Fly – Salmon, seatrout and steelhead fly tying

Tube fly version of my Easter Bunny. A couple af years ago i came up with the Easter Bunny streamer fly, and it turned out to be my single most catching streamer. Trout, sea run browns, perch and pike all have approved this color combo, so it’s a personal favourite. Now I’ve tied a tube […]

Hugh – inspired by the past master from Gragg Cottage

When I started fishing for sea trout (sea run brown) in my local streams and on the coastlines, I read Hugh Falkus’ book, Sea trout fishing, again and again. And a lot of hours were spent tying the flies from this book. I tied them all. The Medicine, the surface lure and the small double […]

A dozen flies for the home run – steelhead, salmon & seatrout fly tying

Slideshow with a dirty dozen for the migrating torpedos. Not counting the fabulous Green Butt Skunk… all of these flies are my own original patterns. Most of the flies include, schlappen front hackles, squirrel tail wings and either dubbed- or flatbraid tinsel bodies. Some of these flies will later be made into full fly tying […]

Autumn – my favourite season

Autumn is by far my favourite season. Not that I don’t like every season that passes though my southern Scandinavian homeland. I sure do. It’s just… well the atmosphere in autumn is special to me. It may be the turning of the leaves from lush green to all different shades of yellow, orange, red and […]

Amber Softhackle Streamer – salmon and steelhead fly tying – video

I’m a big fan of the late Jack Gartside, and I’ve tied a lot of his wonderful Soft Hackle Streamer. I have used it for decades for trout, perch, pike and a variety of saltwater predators as well. This is my own variations on Jack’s pattern, using blood quill marabou, schlappen feathers and jungle cock […]

Foxy Squirrel – for early season trout

This fly is basically an update on a no-name pattern I came up with a couple of seasons ago. It has produced quite well, but I felt that it needed a little tweaking to make it just right. The twist turned out to be the use of a silver tipped squirrel tail dyed orange instead […]

Black Bear Red Butt – Salmon/Steelhead fly tying

A classic American hairwing salmon fly. This version is tied on a small double hook, using squirrel tail for wing. On large version i use bear, bucktail or fox hair. The combination of black, red and silver is highly visible even in small hook sizes. This fly holds it’s own against all the new and […]