Go big… or go home :0)

This week I had a trip up to my friend Thomas Wæver to fish his favourite lake for large northern pike. I left the home in the middle of the night (normally I’m not an early bird), and drove north through a frosty white landscape. It was a beautiful morning, and when I arrived, the […]

Opening day – for teeth

Today is May the 1st, and in Denmark this is the opening day for pike fishing after the breeding in April. As most everyone else, we are in quarantine. Around here quarantine means to stay home from work, and since I’ve worked from my home the last 4 decades, that’s just business as usual. We […]

The game is on!

After a long warm and pretty boring winter, spring finally hit Denmark this last week. And in different tempo, working its way from south to north, the miracle is happening all over the Northern Hemisphere in the coming months. Just about everywhere in salt- and in freshwater things start happening. Water temperatures are rising and […]

Michael Jensen Fishing

7 reasons why you need bucktail jigs

Why you need bucktail jigs? Well, I am a lure freak, and I love fishing spinner baits, spoons, jerkbaits, crankbaits and any other kinds of lures. I guess you feel the same way. But say, one day a large troll came crashing out from the woods and said. “Ok dude, you can use one lure […]

Tying Predator Tube Flies – Spy System – Pike and Musky

With underwater action. Learn how to tie the individual parts for a Spy System Pike and Musky fly. There’s nothing new in tying predator flies on tubes, but this system is super versatile whether you chase pike, musky, bass, walleye, zander, large predatory trout or any other predator. In this video I show you 5 […]

How to rig the Spy System – predator angling – pike, musky, bass

The Spy System. Learn to rig and combine tube flies, cones, popper heads, beads and other stuff to build an extremely versatile lure system, that can be used for fly fishing, spinning and baitcasting. From small trout lures to magnum sized baits for the largest predators anywhere. It’s simple, cheap, versatile and will stand up […]

Spy System – predator spin fly lure

Underwater action footage with a couple of 40+ inch pike and several swimming spin-fly lures. This is a sneak peek into a new custom lure project I’m working on at the moment. I call it the Spy System. SPY – since they are Spin and Fly at the same time, and system, well because it […]

Testing the new Spy (Spin Fly) – red version

A couple of days ago I tied a batch of new coloured lures for my Spy system. One of these was a Red & White lure, that I had the opportunity to test swim yesterday. Together with a good friend I was belly boat tripping a stretch of a river, that we hadn’t fished for […]

Spy Project – Spin Fly system for predator fishing

The last couple of years I’ve had great success fishing hair jigs. Anything from the good old classic bucktail jig to more elaborate rabbit strip jigs and some with a lot of flash and rubber legs as well. For me, the lively materials in many fishing situations seem to outfish more solid lures like jerkbaits, […]

Rig a Texas Worm – basic angling tips

With underwater swimming action. Learn how to make the classic Texas Rigged Worm rig. This is probably the worlds most popular rigs for bass – but equally effective for walleye, trout, pike, perch and other predators.