Fur strip jigs and flies

It started in musky fishing circles and spread to pike and bass fishing: Jigging with Zonkers, Bunnies and other fur strip flies. It turned out that the undulating movement of a well-soaked fur strip proved irresistible to large predators. That was especially the case in hard fished catch and release areas. The predators that had […]

Jerkbaits basics

Most jerkbaits are designed to imitate baitfish – while a few mimics the looks and action of an amphibian or a mouse. Generally jerbaits are large lures and considered go-to lures for pike or muskie. But actually slightly downsized jerbaits also account for quite a few trophy-sized zander, walleye, bass and trout. Usually jerkbaits have […]

Lauri Rapala 100th Anniversary Lure

One of my favourite lures for spinning and light baitcasting for trout, perch and lots of other predators… even pike… are actually a limited edition lure that no longer is in production. Here’s the story! Lauri Rapala was born in 1905 and decades later he designed the fabulous wobbler that caught a lot of fish… […]

Summer perch on jigs and softbaits

To me… one of the fish that really defines summer and summer fishing is the perch. It’s very common in most parts of Scandinavia, it’s greedy, wild and totally unpredictable. And… in my book it’s one of the most beautiful freshwater fish. When spinning for perch I usually sling some kind of jigs or softbaits. […]

Ystad, summer breeze… and garfish

Ulla and I just returned from a week’s holiday in Southern Sweden. We spent the first couple of days in Ystad, and went fishing along the coastline on short daytrips. The weather was fabulous – but not for trout fishing: Burning sun and temperatures up to 20 degree Celsius (around 77 Fahrenheit). So we were […]

Tying and Fishing bucktail jigs

Being a fly tier and fly fisherman… as well as a spin fisherman – I like to tie and fish hair jigs. They will catch just about any predator swimming in fresh- or saltwater, and they are plain fun to fish. Besides… if you don’t overcomplicate things, they are tied in no time. And… sure… […]