March Brown and a bit of humility

When I have been tying large streamer flies… using super thin and strong tying tread I tend to get a little bit too self-confident. I don’t actually think I’m a freaking master of the art of fly tying, but I find myself looking at colour plates in old fishing books thinking: Well those guys are […]

Snipe & Purple

I like the no nonsense attitude of North Country spider flies. They are stripped to the bone, but still maintain a fabulous grace and style. Classics like Partridge & Orange and the beautiful Snipe & Purple are two of my favorite spiders. On the Snipe & Purple I often use natural blue dun hen hackle […]

Will the real Woolly Worm please stand up?

If you do a Google search for the Woolly Worm you are going to find a lot of links with hackled flies that are relatively true to the origin of this fly, but you will also find some flies that has only a very slight resemblance to the original. I like to experiment as much […]

Black Zulu and visitors from the Stone Age

I tied up a hatch of classic Black Zulus today. I think the combination of black, red and silver makes some of the most trout catching flies ever. The Zulu as well as the Soldier Palmer is incredibly simple. Our friends Lasse and Gitte dropped by tonight. Lasse and I are going on a fishing […]

Soldier Palmer – classy and butt simple

Tied a bunch of Soldier Palmers (sizes trout 6, 8 and 10 – and a few on a small salmon hook… 8 I think). Cool looking and super simple wet fly. Besides… this is a variant of one of the oldest flies known, the Red Palmer – and is mentioned by Izaak Walton (1653) or […]