Clouser Deep Minnow

Trout season is over (in freshwater at least), and I am slowly turning my attention towards pike, perch and other predators. Tonight I am tying Bob Clouser’s Deep Minnow in white/chartreuse and white/root beer color combinations. Bob Clouser pretty much reinvented the bucktail jig, and turned fly fishers on to the idea. At first glance not really rocket science – but darn, the fish liked the concept so much, that the Clouser Deep Minnow today is one of the most popular flies in the world.

Being a bucktail freak, who just loves Joe Brook’s Blonde series – naturally I dig the Clousers as well. They are in effect upside down, nearly weedless Blondes. And they are super deadly for just about any predatory fish in fresh- and saltwater.

I will be doing a lot of pike- and brackish water perch fishing in the coming months, so I’m stocking my fly boxes for predator hunting. And I’m gonna need a lot of Clousers.