G&H Sedge Variant

Yesterday I tried to tie dry flies, while a savage storm was busy making a large hole in our roof. It sounded like an elephant was dancing on the ceiling – and the noise made it a bit difficult to concentrate. Today a friendly carpenter is working on the roof, and I’m into more fly tying. I felt I had to tie something substantial today – so I’m doing a batch of variants on John Goddard and Cliff Henry’s G&H Sedge. This is one of my favorite dry flies. It floats even in heavy current, makes a good silhouette and is big and juicy enough to tempt a big brown or even a sea trout. I’m experimenting with different colors of deer hair and hackles: Tan and brown deer hair and brown, ginger and cree hackles. Think I’ll make a few in black and white as well.

I’m looking forward to try these out… especially with my new Sage LL rod. But… darn… summer seems light-years away:0)


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