Hot Pink Booby – saltwater and stillwater fly tying

You want it hot? Well this Booby should fill the bill. It is a killer for seatrout (sea run brown) on the Scandinavian coast, from late fall to spring. Worked slowly on a sinking or intermediate line, this Booby will find the silvery trout. Works well in early river fishing as well. And nearly forgot… perch like it too :0)

Hot Pink Booby

Hook: Ahrex NS122 Light Stinger #4

Tread: Black UTC 140

Eyes: Booby eyes – white

Tail: Strung Marabou – Fl. Pink

Rib: UTC Ultra Wire – Silver

Body: Woolly Sparkle Dub – UV Fluo Pink

Flash: Flashabou Mix Multi Silver

Hackle: Mallard Barred Flank – Fl. Pink


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