Meet the Booby fly – Angling Tales


I have just released the first video in a series I’ve given the working title Angling Tales. It’s a series where I will try to make some touchdowns in angling history and celebrate cool flies, equally cool anglers, hot fishing techniques or other remarkable events.

First video is a short story about the Booby Fly. Check it out right here.

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A couple of samples from my book: Tying and Fishing the Booby Fly:

Firetail Booby – Sample from the book

Meet the Booby Fly – sample from the book


Do you want to know more about Booby Flies, you can buy my book Tying and fishing The Booby Fly right here…

The Kindle version:

The I-book version: Tying and Fishing The Booby Fly – Michael Jensen

Watch tying SBS’s here: