Moving to a new fishing room

Spend a good part of last week working on my new fishing room/ study. Had to replace the floor and do a bit of repair work around a window – and now things are shaping up nicely. But… moving all of my fishing tackle and fly tying stuff seems like a good occasion to sort out a bit. So some items go into the new room, some goes up for sale and something goes out in the attic.

I am reorganizing a bit as well. It takes time, but I think it turns out alright. I have got my desk in place and my fly tying stuff handy. And I’ve displayed a working collection of the rods and reels I use most… or like most – which turns out to be more or less the same thing.

Best thing about my new room is the view. I have my garden pond just below the window and a magnificent view over the Skals River Valley and Klejtrup Lake.

I think this will turn out to be a perfect setting for fly tying, photographing and writing. Here are a couple of pictures (taken with my iPad).


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