Muddler Jig – hair jig tying

Crossover from muddler fly to jig.

Basically a mashup between a Woolly Bugger, a muddler minnow and a jighead. I started tying these on really small and light jigheads weighing 1 – 3 grams (1/28 to 3/28 oz). But now I tie the Muddler jig on heavier heads as well, to be able to use it on baitcasting tackle as well. So far they have given me brown trout (sea run in saltwater as well) and perch, but I fell confident that they will catch a wide variety of sculpin eating predators in the coming season. The deer hair head makes this jig sink slowly – enabling me to use it in shallow water.

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Muddler Jig

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