My Damselfly Nymph

Damselfly nymphs are stable trout food in most lakes, but they are very common in slow flowing rivers as well. Last season I had great success with pretty simple damselfly patterns I came up with. I caught some nice brown trout and a few sea trout on this fly.

For this season I have improved slightly on the pattern – which basically means adding wing cases. I have no reason to believe that this will make my damselfly catch more fish – but I kind of like the look of it, and it sure won’t do any harm. Anyway… this is my damselfly nymph for the new season. I usually tie a bunch of these in olive, tan and brown – just changing the color of the marabou, dubbing and the front hackle.


Mic’s Damselfly Nymph

Hook: Short shank wet fly hook, I use Mustad C67S

Tread: Chartreuse or olive

Tail: Olive marabou

Rib: Olive Merino wool dubbing (seal or other substitute will do)

Wing Case: Brown raffene

Legs: Grizzly dyed olive softpatch hackle – clipped on top and bottom

Eyes: Medium size silver bead chain eyes – dubbed with olive Merino wool


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