New eyes on my Bucktail Shrimp

IMG_5590A storm hit Denmark yesterday and today… well it’s still raging. Going fishing was not an option. So I’ve spend the day at the tying desk – making 2 dozen shrimp eyes. They are made on 20 pound monofilament dipped in UV-curing resin. After that the eyes are painted with nail lacquer in red, green, and black – with a bit of glitter mixed in. Finally the eyes get a coating of clear Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails.

IMG_5550I’ve used the eyes for the new Bucktail Shrimp in working on at the moment. I am pretty sure it will be deadly. It is super light, transparent (tied in Bob Popovics’ Hollow Fleye style) and is made from mixed colors of bucktail hair. The one pictured features root beer, orange and pink bucktail. I think this amount of hair on a lightweight saltwater hook, will make the fly nearly neutral/suspending in saltwater – making it ideal for a slow retrieve on an intermediate line.

IMG_5568Watch out Mr. Sea trout. As soon as this storm is over, I’ll be out there looking for you :0)