Olive Brown Scud – trout-, and saltwater fly tying

Underwater footage and full tying SBS.

Scuds are everywhere in salt- and freshwater – and they are active year round. Most fish have a close relationship to these small critters, and you should as well. In this video I tie a super simple scud, that you can tie in a few minutes. No bells and whistles – but it gets the job done.

Traditionally Gammarus or scud imitations are tied on hooks with some kind of curve. Often a very pronounced C-shape. That makes sense. When you see these crustaceans resting, they are curved – as you can see in the photos. But when swimming, they have a nearly straight back. Still slightly curved, buy nowhere near the shape of a resting scud.

See filmclips and photos illustrating this in the video.

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Olive Brown Scud

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