Pike fishing in River Guden

Wednesday Preben and I decided to have a go at pike fishing in River Guden, Denmark’s longest river. Problem was that the river had been flooding seriously during the storm last week. The water level still was a bit high. And we only had one car available on that day, so a classic downstream float tube trip wasn’t an option.

So we launched the belly boats near the Kayak Club and headed for the side channels. But there was a lot more current that we had predicted. It made fishing a bit challenging – so we only managed to get into close encounter with a single pike.

The Fish hit a Chartreuse Clouser Deep Minnow. It was not a monster by any standard, but I was impressed by the power these river pike possess. I seem to forget, when I have been trout fishing for a long time. Splendid mean green machine. Preben took a couple of pictures and we released the toothy critter.

Worst thing was. We didn’t manage to get Preben into his first pike.

But wait a minute. Maybe that wasn’t all bad. That means we will have to go fishing again:0)



    mark lishman

    (February 16, 2017 - 11:13 am)

    Hi. We are planning a pike fishing holiday in May this year. Are you able to advise of the current river levels and if the levels should be Ok in May? The last couple of times we have visited in July and August the river has been very high around Resenbro bridge and unfishable.

    Do you know why the river seems to be constantly high during summer months now as it never used to be like this in the old day prior to 2006?

      Michael Jensen

      (February 16, 2017 - 12:37 pm)

      Hi Mark
      You have a good chance of experiencing lower water levels in this river in may. One of the main reasons for high summer levels in River Guden is that the water is becoming cleaner and clearer. Partly because of the invasive Zebra Mussel – but also du to reduced pollution from the cities along the river. Clear water means more light, which induce an increased growth of underwater plants/weeds. A lot of the weeds are reduced in mass during the winter. So may will definitively be better than July/August in that regard. Tight lines, Michael :0)

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