Polar Shrimp – Classic steelhead and salmon fly tying tutorial – video

Most fish loves shrimps! This is my slightly speyish version of the classic steelhead and salmon fly The Polar Shrimp. As much as I love the original pattern – designed way back in the 1930’s by Clarence Shoff, a gifted fly tier, long time tackle dealer and trout bum – I like to add the long fibered hackles to make the fly more shrimp-like.

Outdoor writer Les Johnson wrote an article about the Polar Shrimp in Fly Tyer magazine in 1983. In that he pictured Clarence with these words: “Hitting the roads for weeks at the time (Shoff) sold flies and hand-tied gut leaders at fishing camps on the banks of rivers from California to Washington. Often tying custom orders well into the night, then rise early to fish a few hours on a noted pool, before heading out to the next stop along his route.”

Clarence Shroff’s Polar Shrimp is right up there with the Skykomish Sunrise, the Boss, The Comet, The Purple Peril and a bunch of other fabulous flies. Give it a try!

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Polar Shrimp

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