Ragnarok – and chaos will rise

In case you are wondering, what the f… this has to do with fly tying and fly fishing. Well to be honest, I’m not sure – but… I got a hunch.

I am working on and off on an interesting project – or at least I think it is. I want to make a series of flies that is inspired by Norse mythology. This is going to take some time – at least a year, maybe more – and will end up in a book project (print, iBook or both). I won’t make an ordinary fly tying book, but more a storytelling kind of conceptual art work. I’m not quite sure how this should be done, but maybe I will involve other artists and different media.

But as said earlier, this is going to be a long and probably interesting journey. One of the first results of this effort is a fly I chose to call Ragnarok. For this particular fly I was inspired by mind pictures of dark skies, twilight, thunder, lightning, fire and just plain darkness.

Since I am already having a lot of success with this fly, mostly for sea trout, and I am tying it on my tying sessions in fishing clubs – well it’s hardly a secret anymore:0)

The tying style of this fly combines the sparseness and elegance of speyflies and steelhead spiders. I use schlappen feathers for the spey-like mixed hackles. Only thing that can go wrong with this fly is to overdress. It should be sparsely dressed with super mobile hackle fibers.

But anyway: Ragnarok is here – and chaos will rise. And fortunately a lot of trout are doing that already. I will try Ragnarok for salmon next year.

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