Skykomish Sunrise – classic steelhead fly tying

Skykomish Sunrise

I just love this classic beauty that was created as kind of a family team effort, by father and son Ken and George McLeod back in the late 1930’s. Famous Steelhead angler, Trey Combs rated this one of the most important steelhead flies of the century, and he told the story in his book Steelhead: Fly Fishing.

Skykomish Sunrise tied by Michael Jensen

Here are Combs own words on that tale: “Ken and his son, George, were driving east to the Skykomish River one January morning in 1936. The sun was coming up over the snowcapped Cascades, a splendor of red, yellow, and white.

“Tie me a fly with those colors in it,” Ken told his son. That evening, George used red tying thread to secure a mix of red and yellow hackle, a red wool body, and a white polar bear wing. The completed fly was named the Skykomish Sunrise.

Skykomish Sunrise tied by Michael Jensen

George christened the pattern with three winter steelhead from a single pool near Monroe. The day included a seventeen-pounder. The new fly became a sensation.”

I can add, that this fly is great for sea run trout and rainbows in Scandinavia as well. Check out the material and book links below.

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Skykomish Sunrise

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    Joseph Duca

    (January 22, 2021 - 5:09 pm)

    You tied this beautifully! If it was inspired by a Skykomish sunrise then Winters Hope must have been inspired by the colors of a winter sunset. I’ve seen some beauties over the fields west of my house in the winter. But I’m hoping for the end of winter and the arrival of spring ;o) Cheers Michael!

    Michael Jensen

    (January 23, 2021 - 11:13 am)

    Thanks a lot my friend. Dawn is a beautiful time to be out. Only problem is… you have to get out of bed early :0)
    I agree. Come spring … and put and end to this winter of darkness and lockdown. All the best, Michael :0)

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