Soldier Palmer – fly tying – video

Cool looking and super simple wet fly. Besides… this is a variation of one of the oldest flies known, the Red Palmer – which is mentioned by Izaak Walton (1653) and maybe even Dame Juliana Berners (1496). Anyway… trout still love it!

Soldier Palmer
Hook: Wetfly # 6 – 14
Tread: Black or red
Tail: I use red wool, but the tail is optional
Rib: Gold wire or fine oval gold tinsel
Body: Red seals fur or red Woolly Sparkle Dub
Body hackle: Red game cock (natural reddish brown)
Front hackle: Red game cock or hen

I often use indian cock capes for palmering my wet flies. The feathers have translucency and sparkle – and let the body material shine through. And… they are dirt cheap as well.


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