STH IM-series cassette- classy and versatile reels made in Argentina

The cassette fly reel concept seldom seems to go hand in hand with words like quality workmanship and classic design – but I have found some exceptions. In my little working collection of classic (or at least classy) fly reel I have an IM-2 cassette reel made by STH Reels in Argentina. I bought this reel in well used condition from a fellow angler who had taken the large-arbor-route. Well I’m glad he did – coz I got the reel real cheap and it’s great.

The STH IM-2 reel came with no less than 6 spools, so it offers great versatility while taking up a minimum of real estate in my fishing bag or vest. Besides it has a fabulous disc drag and a nice clicking sound as well.

It seems to be well build, with few and apparently great quality components. These Argentinean build reels were marketed by Cortland as well as under their own label – and some of their reels were sold under the Orvis brand.

I think these reels were produced in the 90’s – which probably means that they are pretty old… but not vintage.

At the moment I’m hooking my STH reel up with an equally classy Sage RPL 790 graphite III rod (a super combo for sea trout- and pike fishing) – or a G. Loomis GLX Classic 9 ft. 6 weight that I primarily use for saltwater fishing.


    Peter Stoltze

    (November 27, 2013 - 8:02 pm)

    Yeah, that’s some of the good stuff from back then. I never owned one of these casette reels, but I remember that those who did were quite happy with them. However, there might be an issue with the spools being a bit fragile in very cold conditions. But then again, with five spares what could go wrong.
    You mentioned the Sage RPL series. They are some of the best rods that ever came out of Bainbridge Island! I am the happy owner of a 596 and a 896. I will never part with those!

    Michael Jensen

    (November 27, 2013 - 11:03 pm)

    Hi Peter,
    Great advice on those plastic spools. I don’t think it will be an issue when the spools are in the reel, since they are sandwiched between two metal flanges – but it might be, when you are changing spools. And you are so right about the Sage RPL series. I really envy you your 8 weight:0)

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