Soft Hackle Tubes version II

I have been fishing Jack Gartside’s Soft Hackle Streamer for decades, and I have made my share of variations over the theme. One of the most successful versions has been my Soft Hackle Tube. Recently I made a few improvements to the fly, combining the soft spey-like blood plume marabou feathers with large schlappen feathers […]

Come rain or come shine

I had a wet but cozy fishing trip with my friend Lasse last night. We were gambling. It seems that most of our local streams have had an early run of large silver sea trout. Not many… but large fresh run fish in superb condition. We had not, though, heard any reports from Lerkenfeld River, […]

Bucktail tube flies

Winter is here, and I guess I should have turned my attention towards pike and perch now. But… this season is uhm… special. I can’t seem to get my mind of trout, sea trout and salmon. So since there really is not much trouty stuff going on at the moment… at least not in freshwater […]

A new season – the trout is out there

This is my first blog of the year – and I’m opening 2014 with a slight rewritten statement from the old 80’s television series X-files. Partly because Ulla and I during the holyday have been enjoying Mulder and Scully’s supernatural mysteries once again– but mainly because… uhm… I couldn’t resist the temptation :0) The weather […]