Mic’s Woolly Baitfish – fly tying – video

Baitfish imitation tied with Woolly Sparkle Dub.   Find more info, fly patterns and tying- and fishing tips on Woolly Sparkle Dub here…  Watch Woolly Sparkle Dub videos here…  You can buy Woolly Sparkle Dub right here…  You can buy Natural Sculpin Wool here… 

Mic’s Rock Knocker

I’m running on pure adrenalin and coffee at the moment, developing new fly tying materials and tying woolly streamer flies. Today I spent a little time converting my Woolhead Sculpin to an upside-down weedless type of fly. Using a Partridge Saltwater Shrimp hook size 6, Natural Sculpin Wool, Woolly Sparkle Dub and dumbbell eyes it […]

Mic’s Woolhead Sculpin (underwater) – video

Short video of one of my favorite sculpin imitations under water. On my YouTube channel you can find a video with tying instructions for Mic’s Woolhead Sculpin. The fly is tied with Natural Sculpin Wool by Michael Jensen. See full fly tying SBS on Mic’s Woolhead Sculpin. Click here… Or see full fly tying SBS […]

Mic’s Woolhead Sculpin – video

In this video I show you how to tie a super simple and effective Sculpin imitation. The material used is Natural Sculpin Wool and a pinch of dubbing, made from the same material. You can combine Sculpin wool with any other material, like marabou, flash fibers, polar fox, bucktail and stuff. See more flies with […]