Amber Fish Skull Bucktail – fly tying – video

Amber and rusty coloured baitfish imitation, that has got a jigging nosediving action thanks to the fish skull. This one is tied on an Ahrex saltwater hook, but the fly is equally efficient in freshwater. I use it for brown trout, sea trout (sea run brown), sea bass – and perch and pike. Amber Fish […]

Shades of Green – fly tying – video

My own pattern inspired by the fabulous Woolly Bugger and Scandinavian sea trout flies like the Magnus. The name… well it is pretty green and at first i just called it “the green fly.” But as it turned out this green bastard caught so many sea trout during it’s first days of action, that I […]

Woolhead Sculpin V2 – fly tying – video

New version of my Woolhead Sculpin. This one is made entirely of Woolly Sparkle Dub (well… and a hook, some thread and a pair of 3D eyes). I’m using the Ahrex Deep Streamer, which is perfect for these saltwater streamers… and kind of classy looking as well. Hope you guys like it :0) Woolhead Sculpin […]