Green Frog Popper

Green Frog Popper – Pike bass popper fly tying tutorial

Green Frog Popper – Full fly tying tutorial and surface action footage! Find the pattern down below. For warm days and nights and surface feeding predators. Bass, pike and even large trout love frogs and other amphibians. This imitation makes a lot of noise and wiggle those long legs. It sure will call up most […]

White & Chartreuse Bunny

White & Chartreuse Bunny – Pike musky bass trout predator fly tying tutorial

White & Chartreuse Bunny – Fly tying tutorial – Find the pattern down below. Tying SBS and underwater swimming action on one of the world’s most effective streamer flies – and one of the easiest to tie. Find the pattern down below Whether you are a new fly tyer or an experienced dude, who just […]

Opening day – for teeth

Today is May the 1st, and in Denmark this is the opening day for pike fishing after the breeding in April. As most everyone else, we are in quarantine. Around here quarantine means to stay home from work, and since I’ve worked from my home the last 4 decades, that’s just business as usual. We […]

Rattle Zonker – Streamer fly tying

Rattle and hum! This is a basic zonker fly with a twist. The fat belly on this version hides a glass tube with metal rattles inside. Works great in some situations: Night fishing, low light conditions and stained water. See more on zonkers and rabbit strip flies on this blog:… And watch Zonkers under […]

Ovidiu Skeleton Diver – pike, musky and bass fly tying

A pattern inspired by Ovidiu Mihut, a Romanian fly fishing guide, who is part of some TV-shows on the Fishing & Hunting Chanel and @Romanian National TV Chanel 2. He wanted me to tie some flies for pike fishing in a shallow water river delta. One of these should be a white popper. Since I […]

Fur strip jigs and flies

It started in musky fishing circles and spread to pike and bass fishing: Jigging with Zonkers, Bunnies and other fur strip flies. It turned out that the undulating movement of a well-soaked fur strip proved irresistible to large predators. That was especially the case in hard fished catch and release areas. The predators that had […]

Orange Rubber Legged Bunny – pike, musky and bass fly tying

Just your plain Bunny Pike Fly inspired by Barry Reynolds – but with a few bells and whistles added. Watch the video to see this fly swim with a very Orange Rubber Legged Bunny (with affiliate links) Hook: Ahrex TP610 Trout Predator Streamer #1/0 – Tread: Black – Tail: Tiger Barred Rabbit Strips, […]

Eat or be eaten!

Newly hatched pike fry start eating daphnia and other plankton sized morsels, but they quickly learn the tough rules of the water world: eat or be eaten. In spring literarily thousands of small pike fry cruise the shallows looking for food. Very often the easiest available food source for the small pike are their own […]

Pike on the Nightwatchman

A couple of weeks ago I went on a day trip on the River Guden with Henrik. He is an old friend… but he just happens to be one of the best pike fly fishermen I know and a guide as well, so when he asked me to join him for a days fishing from […]