Green Frog Popper – Pike bass popper fly tying tutorial

Green Frog Popper – Full fly tying tutorial and surface action footage! Find the pattern down below.

For warm days and nights and surface feeding predators. Bass, pike and even large trout love frogs and other amphibians. This imitation makes a lot of noise and wiggle those long legs. It sure will call up most predators.

I’ve used the premade Double Barrel heads on this version, but you can make the heads yourself using foam from flip flop sandals, sleeping pads or whatever you have at hand.

I’ve used cork on many of these as well. Tied in smaller sizes they are fabulous for perch and smaller trout as well.

Happy tying… and thanks for watching

Ulla and Michael

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Chartreuse Salamander Popper - tied by Michael Jensen

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Green Frog Popper

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Green Frog Popper - tied by Michael Jensen
Materials for the Green Frog Popper