Pike & perch fishing in Lapland – Swedish roadtrip 2018

John Lennon once said: Life is what happens to you, when you are busy making other plans. I guess that sums up our 2018 roadtrip just nicely. A hardcore fishing expedition… turned into a laidback, lazy summer vacation – which wasn’t all bad, all things considered. We had a blast fishing for pike and perch. […]

ABU Optic Chillimps – salmon, steelhead and seatrout fly tying

In 1969 the Abu Optic Chillimps was introduced by Swedish tackle manufactor ABU, but the simple palmer hackled shrimp fly was already a legend in River Mörrum before the Optic eyes were added. The Chillimps was born one late night in a bar near River Mörrum – when three Swedish gentlemen turned a wild idea […]

Upping the game on Michael Jensen’s Angling

Hi friends, I’m upping my game on YouTube in the coming months. A new video will be up tomorrow – and from there I will release 2 new videos every week. Hear more about it in this video. And remember to subscribe – if you haven’t done that already ;0)

New book arriving tomorrow!

I have written a new angling book. This time on Tying and fishing the ABU Optic Flies. Though it’s a small book, a lot of research went into it… and a lot of fly tying and photography. Tomorrow February the 9th the books should arrive here – and we will start shipping orders. Can’t wait […]

Fly fishing, photography and filmmaking

  I’m entering the filmmaking scene at the moment: Mostly because it makes sense. After being a writer and photographer all of my adult life, film is the natural next stepping stone for a dude, who likes to document his life as a fly fisherman and fly tier. I knew that. But I wasn’t really […]

Anniversary… kind of :0)

Usually I’m not really into this ”hey look what I once did” kind of thing. I find it more interesting to look forward instead of backwards in that regard. But… this is kind of special. This year it’s exactly 20 years since the release of my first fishing book. In Danish the title was Havørredens […]

Fishing book release

New book out now. This one is in Danish. Read more on this link, if you are interested.

Tying and Fishing the Booby Fly – Firetail Booby – Sample from the book

Firetail Booby I invented this pattern more than a decade ago. I was inspired by flies like Jack Gartside’s Soft Hackle Streamer and a lot of the colourful steelhead flies. What I wanted was hot colours and flash, but I also wanted it to be a little bit subdued. The solution was to hide the […]

Tying and fishing the Booby Fly – Meet the Booby Fly – sample from the book

Meet the Booby Fly – Top producing outlaw with a catchy name It has a funky name, it is kind of goofy looking – but it is one of the most efficient and consistently top producing flies for trout… and pretty much anything else that swims. So effective, actually, that it has been banned from […]