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How to fish hair jigs – basic angling tips

Introduction to hair jig fishing. Learn my techniques for fishing those classic hair jigs – filmed above and below the surface. This is just an introduction to some of the most versatile techniques for fishing bass, walleye, perch, panfish, trout, pike and musky. New videos on special techniques like vertical jigging and jig & bobber […]

Black'n'Blue Bucktail Jig

Black’n’Blue Bucktail Jig – classic bucktail jig tying

Underwater action and full tying SBS of the Black’n’Blue Bucktail Jig If you fish deep structures, drop-offs and deep weedbeds this color combo is highly visible even in stained water. It’s also a go-to jig for fishing on dark days, at dusk and dawn – and a great cold water pattern. Check out the underwater […]

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7 reasons why you need bucktail jigs

Why you need bucktail jigs? Well, I am a lure freak, and I love fishing spinner baits, spoons, jerkbaits, crankbaits and any other kinds of lures. I guess you feel the same way. But say, one day a large troll came crashing out from the woods and said. “Ok dude, you can use one lure […]

Mickey Finn Bucktail Jig – classic hair jig tying

The classic bucktail jig tied in the fabulous Mickey Finn color combination. Watch this hair jig swim under water and bring some beautiful lake living wild brown trout to the boat. More blogs on Bucktail jigs: https://michaeljensens.com/angling/?s=bucktail+jigs You wanna support my blog? Read on! Affiliate links: Do you want to know more about Affiliate? Read here: https://michaeljensens.com/angling/af… […]

11 Jigs Swimming – crazy underwater swimming action

Crazy underwater swimming action. Watch 11 cool hairjigs swimming in real lakes and streams – and see for yourself why these jigs are so productive for bass, pike, musky, trout, perch, walleye, zander, catfish and a bunch of saltwater predators as well. All of the jigs are tied by me :0) Do you wanna tie […]

Slim Darter Jig – Black Zebra

A cool ting! This is just one of the cool things about being a blogger and youtuber – that I get some great feedback from my friends and followers. A week ago I released a new jig tying video on my Slim Darter Jig. It’s a bucktail jig tied on a tubebait jighook. See the […]

Slim Darter Jig – hair jig tying

A bucktail jig tied on a leadfree tube bait head. This is a jig I use when perch and trout are hunting in the shallows. Generally I jig this type of lure fast. Fabulous lure for summer perch fishing – vertical as well as horizontal. Speed is the key to succes with this jig. If […]

Muddler Jig – hair jig tying

Crossover from muddler fly to jig. Basically a mashup between a Woolly Bugger, a muddler minnow and a jighead. I started tying these on really small and light jigheads weighing 1 – 3 grams (1/28 to 3/28 oz). But now I tie the Muddler jig on heavier heads as well, to be able to use […]

The Classic Bucktail jig – hair jig tying

Nothing really beats the Bucktail Jig for classic vibe and pure fish catching effectiveness. The flow of natural bucktail will lure fish year round. If I had to restrict myself to one lure for a whole season… fishing for a variety of species – I would choose the Bucktail Jig. Check out the underwater footage […]

Tying and Fishing bucktail jigs

Being a fly tier and fly fisherman… as well as a spin fisherman – I like to tie and fish hair jigs. They will catch just about any predator swimming in fresh- or saltwater, and they are plain fun to fish. Besides… if you don’t overcomplicate things, they are tied in no time. And… sure… […]