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Milestone – 1 million views on YouTube

…and 100.000 views on the most viewed video Well this last month our Michael Jensen’s Angling YouTube channel passed an important milestone. We reached the 1 million views mark. And about the same time our most viewed video The Yellow Monster Bugger articulated streamer tying SBS passed 100.000 views. I think this is as good […]

Black'n'Blue Bucktail Jig

Black’n’Blue Bucktail Jig – classic bucktail jig tying

Underwater action and full tying SBS of the Black’n’Blue Bucktail Jig If you fish deep structures, drop-offs and deep weedbeds this color combo is highly visible even in stained water. It’s also a go-to jig for fishing on dark days, at dusk and dawn – and a great cold water pattern. Check out the underwater […]


The Blushing Blonde Jig – a reverse tied Classic Bucktail Jig

A new jig pattern Back in early spring I came up with a new jig pattern as a present to my wife Ulla. I called it the Blushing Blonde Jig, since, like this lure, Ulla is a blonde (at least at the moment ;0) and the blushing pink part of the design was inspired by […]


Olive Brown Scud – trout-, and saltwater fly tying

Underwater footage and full tying SBS. Scuds are everywhere in salt- and freshwater – and they are active year round. Most fish have a close relationship to these small critters, and you should as well. In this video I tie a super simple scud, that you can tie in a few minutes. No bells and […]


Gammarus imitations – curved or straight hooks?

Gammarus! They are everywhere in salt- and freshwater – and they are active year round. Most fish have a close relationship to these small critters, and you should as well. The small crustaceans from the family Gammaridae count more than 200 described species. That’s a lot of bugs. Some of these live in moist places […]

Pink Shrimp Jig

Pink Shrimp Jig – trout, salmon and steelhead hair jig tying

Underwater action and full tying SBS on the Pink Shrimp Jig. Shrimps are an important food source for most saltwater fish, but a Shrimp imitation works great in freshwater as well – especially when fishing for anadromous migrating fish. Salmon, sea run brown trout, steelhead and other species loves a juicy shrimp. My Pink Shrimp […]


Midnight Purple Dog Nobbler – mini jig fly tying

Ok… I have a thing for purple and black flies and jigs. One reason for that is, that when your flies or lures dive deep and the light fades – blue, purple and black are the last colors to disappear. They are visible in deep water, in stained water and in the dim light at […]


Summer 2020 – Gone fishing!

Hi guys, just wanna tell you, that Ulla and I are taking a summer break from videouploading. We are going fishing and filming new footage for upcoming films though, and will be back this fall with new videos. Till then: Have a fabulous summer. Thanks a lot for your support Tight lines, Michael You wanna […]

Burnt orange Booby Fly

Burnt Orange Booby Fly – Streamer Fly Tying

Underwater action and full tying SBS on a hot Booby Fly, that effectively mimics the swimming action and profile of large insect larvae, like damselfly-, dragonfly- and hellgrammite larvae. Might also imitate small fish, salamanders or hatching mayflies. Anyway, fish wan’t it, and that’s why you need it too ;0) Thanks for watching Michael Check […]


Dog Nobblers and Mini jigs

They are small jigs, that can be fished on a fly rod or on ultralight spinning tackle. In my opinion it excels fished on a floating line, but if you fish deep lakes or fast streams, a sinking line is an option too. On the spinning rod, you can also fish these light jigs under […]