George F. Grant’s Black & Tan Featherback – classic fly tying tutorial

Learn how to tie one of the most famous of George F. Grant’s Stonefly Nymphs, the Black & Tan Featherback. This is advanced fly tying – and that is why we have invited our friend John Lind Rasmussen to be guest tier. John is a master of classic fly tying and he has many years […]

Flugfiske i Norden George F. Grant

Article in Scandinavian fly fishing magazine Flugfiske i Norden

I wrote an article for the latest issue of Scandinavian fly fishing magazine Flugfiske i Norden. This time about the great late George F. Grant, his love for the Big Hole River and his unique Stonefly Nymphs with the complicated weaved hackles. For that task I needed help, from my friend (and long time Grant […]

Green Frog Popper

Green Frog Popper – Pike bass popper fly tying tutorial

Green Frog Popper – Full fly tying tutorial and surface action footage! Find the pattern down below. For warm days and nights and surface feeding predators. Bass, pike and even large trout love frogs and other amphibians. This imitation makes a lot of noise and wiggle those long legs. It sure will call up most […]

Bill Edson's Dark Tiger

Bill Edson’s Dark Tiger – Classic trout streamer fly tying tutorial

Bill Edson’s Dark Tiger – Fly tying tutorial – find the pattern down below. The Dark Tiger is the badass brother of the Light Tiger. While the Light Tiger is elegant and classy I’ve always found the Dark Tiger a bit more clumsy looking. The fat chenille body and the large yellow head, makes it […]

Bill Edson's Light Tiger

Bill Edson’s Light Tiger – classic trout streamer fly tying tutorial

Bill Edson’s Light Tiger – Fly tying tutorial – find the pattern down below. The Light Tiger and the Dark Tiger are probably Bill Edson’s most famous streamer flies. In this video I will show you how I tie the Light Tiger, and especially how I prepare the famous brass eyes before tying them in. […]

Red & White Bunny Jig

Red & White Bunny Jig – Classic hair jig tying tutorial

Red & White Bunny Jig – Clasic hair jig tying tutorial. Find the pattern down below. Jig tying tutorial and underwater swimming footage. Bunny jigs and Bunny flies will catch any predator swimming in fresh- or saltwater: Pike, musky, trout, bass, walleye, zander, perch and a variety of saltwater predators. This Red & White color […]

White & Chartreuse Bunny

White & Chartreuse Bunny – Pike musky bass trout predator fly tying tutorial

White & Chartreuse Bunny – Fly tying tutorial – Find the pattern down below. Tying SBS and underwater swimming action on one of the world’s most effective streamer flies – and one of the easiest to tie. Find the pattern down below Whether you are a new fly tyer or an experienced dude, who just […]

Bill Edson Flies

Bill Edson’s own flies

I’m working on an article on the late great William R. (Bill) Edson and his streamer flies, not least his Light- and Dark Tigers. Bill tied a lot of tandem trolling streamers as well. Most of his flies carry the trademark brass eyes. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to sit with Bill Edson’s […]

Uncut perch fishing shootout - jig fishing

Uncut perch fishing shootout – jig fishing

A fun day, enjoying some great perch fishing. Even though Ulla and I aren’t really competitive, when it comes to fishing – this 25 minutes of uncut (but partly speeded) angling turned into a friendly competition. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for watching :0) Michael You wanna support my channel? Read on! Affiliate links: Do […]