Golddigger – classic streamer fly tying tutorial – video

The Golddigger was created in the 1950’s by Danish fly fishing pioner Paul Wellendorf. Wellendorf was one of the first Danish anglers to embrace the American style of streamer fly tying. He wrote several books on fly fishing and popularized a series of feather streamer flies and hair winged flies tied on long shank hooks. […]

Olive Brown Scud – trout-, and saltwater fly tying

Underwater footage and full tying SBS. Scuds are everywhere in salt- and freshwater – and they are active year round. Most fish have a close relationship to these small critters, and you should as well. In this video I tie a super simple scud, that you can tie in a few minutes. No bells and […]

Dog Nobblers and Mini jigs

They are small jigs, that can be fished on a fly rod or on ultralight spinning tackle. In my opinion it excels fished on a floating line, but if you fish deep lakes or fast streams, a sinking line is an option too. On the spinning rod, you can also fish these light jigs under […]

Bumblebee Woolhead Sculpin – saltwater and streamer fly tying

Tying sbs and underwater footage of my Woolhead Sculpin. This time tied with focus on maximum contrast – and as a silhouette fly. When you fish these flies high in the water column or in low light conditions, eyes aren’t important in my opinion – profile and silhouette are factors that close the deal. See […]

P & S Shrimp V2 – saltwater fly tying

Tying SBS and Underwater footage of a Shrimp fly you can tie in a few minutes and use to fool even the smartest seatrout, sea bass or other saltwater gamefish. This is a updated version of my trusty P & S Shrimp that I tied and made video sbs on back in 2015. Seatrout love […]

Black Widow Muddler – streamer and saltwater fly tying

Way back when I started flyfishing for seatrout in saltwater on the Danish coast… few people did that. There wasn’t many fly patterns developed for this new fishing. I did what felt natural and used the flies I had tied for river fishing. One of the most succesfull was an all-black Muddler. On some spring […]

Lefty’s Deceiver – Streamer and saltwater fly tying

The Deceiver is probably one of the worlds most famous saltwater flies, developed by the master fly caster, fly tier and writer, Lefty Kreh who died just a week ago. Lefty was a great inspiration for me and thousands of other fly fishermen. The Lefty’s Deceiver works equally well for freshwater predators of any species.

Hot Pink Booby – saltwater and stillwater fly tying

You want it hot? Well this Booby should fill the bill. It is a killer for seatrout (sea run brown) on the Scandinavian coast, from late fall to spring. Worked slowly on a sinking or intermediate line, this Booby will find the silvery trout. Works well in early river fishing as well. And nearly forgot… […]

Pattegrisen (the Pink Pig) – fly tying – video

This is my my take on Pattegrisen, probably the most popular and famous Danish saltwater fly ever. It was developed by Claus Eriksen back in 2006 – with some inspiration from Morten Oland’s Spey Shrimp. It’s a killer for sea trout. The fly is tied on an Ahrex NS150 hook. Claus was actually part of […]

Where the river meets the sea

– productive brackish water environments If you follow a river downstream, sooner or later you will reach the sea. But lots of rivers don’t enter the big salty oceans right away. More often they feed lots of freshwater into deltas, fjords, estuary or other waterscapes. These environments typically contain brackish water, and their salt content […]