Bill Edson's Dark Tiger

Bill Edson’s Dark Tiger – Classic trout streamer fly tying tutorial

Bill Edson’s Dark Tiger – Fly tying tutorial – find the pattern down below. The Dark Tiger is the badass brother of the Light Tiger. While the Light Tiger is elegant and classy I’ve always found the Dark Tiger a bit more clumsy looking. The fat chenille body and the large yellow head, makes it […]


Golddigger – classic streamer fly tying tutorial – video

The Golddigger was created in the 1950’s by Danish fly fishing pioner Paul Wellendorf. Wellendorf was one of the first Danish anglers to embrace the American style of streamer fly tying. He wrote several books on fly fishing and popularized a series of feather streamer flies and hair winged flies tied on long shank hooks. […]

Midnight Purple Dog Nobbler – mini jig fly tying

Ok… I have a thing for purple and black flies and jigs. One reason for that is, that when your flies or lures dive deep and the light fades – blue, purple and black are the last colors to disappear. They are visible in deep water, in stained water and in the dim light at […]

Burnt orange Booby Fly

Burnt Orange Booby Fly – Streamer Fly Tying

Underwater action and full tying SBS on a hot Booby Fly, that effectively mimics the swimming action and profile of large insect larvae, like damselfly-, dragonfly- and hellgrammite larvae. Might also imitate small fish, salamanders or hatching mayflies. Anyway, fish wan’t it, and that’s why you need it too ;0) Thanks for watching Michael Check […]

Dog Nobblers and Mini jigs

They are small jigs, that can be fished on a fly rod or on ultralight spinning tackle. In my opinion it excels fished on a floating line, but if you fish deep lakes or fast streams, a sinking line is an option too. On the spinning rod, you can also fish these light jigs under […]

Craig’s Nighttime – a streamer fly for large trout at dusk and dawn

Craig’s Nighttime – an old classic New Zealand Streamer Craig’s Nighttime is an old classic New Zealand streamer fly. I initially found the pattern in John Veniard’s book: Reservoir and Lake Flies – a book I highly recommend. Years ago on a dark night this large darkish blue fly got me into a bunch of […]

Misty morning browns

I love fishing for wild brown trout, and right now in the early fall, mornings and late evenings offer the best opportunities for contact with the golden beauties in my favourite local lake. I do hate getting up early – but as often as I can drag my sorry ass out of bed in the […]

Damselfly Dog Nobbler – stillwater trout fly tying

Tying SBS and underwater action of the UK classic, the Dog Nobbler. This fly was designed by all round angler Trevor Housby, after inspiration from American spin fishermen using ultralight tackle and small jigs. I learned about it from my friend Jens Ploug Hansen, who brought some of Trevor’s flies home after fishing with the […]

Maroon’n’black Wool Leech – trout streamer fly tying

Tying SBS and underwater action on the Maroon’n’black Wool Leech. The yarn or wool leech is a simple, but effective imitation on leeches in freshwater and ragworms in saltwater. This is my take on the classic pattern. The glass bead seems to work great on these flies, if you want more of a gliding than […]

Pink Dog Nobbler – streamer fly tying

Tying SBS and underwater swimming action footage on the Dog Nobbler tied on Ahrex Mini Jig hooks. This pink version has been a steady producer in the cold waters this winter and spring – in rivers as well as in the salt. I use Woolly Sparkle Dub for the body. I tie the fly in […]