Fashion changes – but style endures

Hooks are the backbones of most artificial flies, and we fly tiers tend to get kind of emotional about this particular piece of steel. Sure… we choose hooks out of practical purposes. We want them to be strong, light or heavy, have a sharp point and lots of other features – depending on their actual […]

Sculpin Helmet flies – swimming under water – video

In this video I take 4 different streamer flies for a swim in a local clear water stream. All flies are tied on Ahrex Hooks and use Sculpin Helmets and Fish Skulls from Flymen Fishing Company. The Tube fly is tied on Pro Sportfisher’s Flexitube. The three sculpins are tied with the hook pointing up, […]

Nightwatchman – Pike fly tying – video

The Nightwatchman is my own pattern, and a personal favourite for fishing in low light conditions: Dusk, dawn, nighttime and days with dark skies, rain and thunder. This version is tied mostly for pike and other large predators, but it is great streamer for trout as well. When the Nightwatchman is doing its rounds… things […]

Chartreuse Sneaker – Pike fly tying – video

When you wan’t to knock rocks, hug structure, fish weedy areas or crawl lilly pads – this fly can be your sneaky ticket. This is an easy tie, but has lots of movement in the water. I tie this type in a variety of colors and sizes. Tied on an Ahrex Texas Predator hook for […]

Yellow Monster Bugger – articulated streamer fly tying – video

  Lean, mean and with a color that make big trout go bananas :0) Slimline articulated streamer fly, that makes a good alternative to the more compact sculpin style articulated streamers. It’s an easy tie, the materials are cheap and it’s a killer (even though we probably release most of the fish anyway 😉 Yellow […]

Bacon Snack – articulated streamer fly tying – video

  My take on a large articulated streamer fly. It’s a Zonker style tie using muskrat fur strips for the wing, and Woolly Sparkle Dub for the head/shoulder build up. Has proven super effective for most predators – especially for brown trout and sea run brown.   Bacon Snack Rear hook: Ahrex NS122 Light Stinger […]

Fat Bugger (Black’n’silver) – streamer fly tying – video

Streamer fly for trout, perch, bass and other predators. It has got a jigging action and lots of movement and flash. I like this color combo – especially for night fishing and dark days. It’s just an amazing searching pattern for rivers as well as lakes. Fat Bugger Black’n’silver  (with affiliate links) Hook: Ahrex NS110 […]

Fly fishing, photography and filmmaking

  I’m entering the filmmaking scene at the moment: Mostly because it makes sense. After being a writer and photographer all of my adult life, film is the natural next stepping stone for a dude, who likes to document his life as a fly fisherman and fly tier. I knew that. But I wasn’t really […]

Loopy Leech – fly tying – video

This is the illegitimate offspring from a romance between a Fur Leech and a Woolly Bugger. Not really rocket science – but the dubbing loop technique give a lot of options for mixing colours, structures and materials. I use Woolly Sparkle Dub, which is a natural wool dubbing with some subtle sparkle in it. You […]