Hugh Falkus’ Medicine – Seatrout Fly tying tutorial – video

The late Hugh Falkus’ simple Medicine is a top producing fly for seatrout (sea run brown). It was created for river fishing, but in my opinion it is equally effective in the salt. The slim silver body, kingfisher blue hackle and the dark mallard wing combines to make a convincing imitation of a small baitfish. […]

Craig's Nighttime

Craig’s Nighttime – classic trout fly tying tutorial – video

A New Zealand streamer fly for hunting large rainbows and brown trout in the dark hours. I still got mental images of some monster brown trout slamming this large blue fly one night years ago in a secret river somewhere in Norway. Good memories, that always will make this a confidence fly for me. The […]

Craig’s Nighttime – a streamer fly for large trout at dusk and dawn

Craig’s Nighttime – an old classic New Zealand Streamer Craig’s Nighttime is an old classic New Zealand streamer fly. I initially found the pattern in John Veniard’s book: Reservoir and Lake Flies – a book I highly recommend. Years ago on a dark night this large darkish blue fly got me into a bunch of […]

The Mallard & Claret heritage

Red wine most often gives me a headache – so when it comes to drinking… I’m more of a beer kind of guy. But I love the colour of claret. Guess it goes all the way back to some of the first flies I tied and caught trout on. Back then the Mallard and Claret […]

Amber Softhackle Streamer – salmon and steelhead fly tying – video

I’m a big fan of the late Jack Gartside, and I’ve tied a lot of his wonderful Soft Hackle Streamer. I have used it for decades for trout, perch, pike and a variety of saltwater predators as well. This is my own variations on Jack’s pattern, using blood quill marabou, schlappen feathers and jungle cock […]

The Krogsgaard Series

Some of the most famous historic Danish flies are the Krogsgaard Series. This series of flies was designed by Hardy Bros. England – but the British designs were based on a large survey of the insects that were common in streams hosting trout and grayling. Olaf Krogsgaard and J. Kr. Findal did this work in […]

Foxy Squirrel – for early season trout

This fly is basically an update on a no-name pattern I came up with a couple of seasons ago. It has produced quite well, but I felt that it needed a little tweaking to make it just right. The twist turned out to be the use of a silver tipped squirrel tail dyed orange instead […]

The Big Hole Demon – and the power of three

This fly was born on the banks of the Big Hole River in Montana, but somehow it crossed the Atlantic and became a super popular streamer fly in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. Over the years The Big Hole Demon has been tied in all kinds of variations in colour, materials and overall appearance. […]

A Soft Dog on my trail

Recently I got hold of a bunch of Whiting Soft Hackle with Chickabou patches – more precise the Coq De Leon hen saddles. All of these had markings resembling the partridge body hackles – and some were dyed in subdued pastel colours. I immediately saw the possibilities for making some beautiful soft hackle spider wet […]

Fashion changes – but style endures

Hooks are the backbones of most artificial flies, and we fly tiers tend to get kind of emotional about this particular piece of steel. Sure… we choose hooks out of practical purposes. We want them to be strong, light or heavy, have a sharp point and lots of other features – depending on their actual […]