The Young & Sons Condex fly reel

When it comes to fly reels I’m kind of biased. I’m deeply fascinated by classic reels from Young & Sons, Hardy, Martin, Pflueger and a few other manufacturers. I personally don’t think a fly reel should look like a donut or a flying saucer. Today I shot a series of photos of a couple of […]

Wonderods from Norway

Last spring, when Ulla and I were visiting Rena Fiskecamp in Norway, my Norwegian friend, Kjetil Jansen brought me a present. Kjetil knew that I was into vintage tackle and especially Shakespeare Wonderods, and he had a trio of old rods, that didn’t see much action anymore. They were all from the 1950 – 1960’s. […]

My first Wonderod

I stumbled over this photo the other day. I think it was taken by Morten Valeur sometime back in the 90’s. The scene is Lapplandia in Northern Sweden. The fish is a pike, and the white fly rod is my first Wonderod. The image of that rod sent me on a trip down Memory Lane. […]

Heddon Pal Fly rods

I have been prowling eBay intensively this winter, searching for vintage rods and reels. Primarily USA produced tackle from Shakespeare, Fenwick, Pflueger, Martin and Heddon. Well a month ago a listing caught my eye. Two Heddon Pal Mark IV fiberglass fly rods in one strike. I set the hook, and a week later I reeled […]

Small stream sea trout fishing

Yesterday while having breakfast I got a text message from my friend Lasse, telling that he was going fishing in one of our local small streams. I considered joining him. An hour later a new message ticked in: This time with a photo of a nice 3 pound sea trout. That was more than I […]

Back when Fenwick fly rods were the hottest sticks in town

The fly tackle business is a battlefield where every tackle company (just like the mad lab mouse Brainy) is trying to gain world domination. World domination, I guess, should be gained by making the best products and delivering the best service and customer support. But more and more often I get a feeling that the […]

Falling leaves, cool streams and vintage fly tackle

I have a confession to make. I can look through this year’s new, shiny catalogues from just about any fly tackle manufacturer (most of the catalogues are online nowadays) – and I don’t feel hot under the collar… or anywhere else. The newest, lightest and fastest sticks don’t trigger my GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) anymore. […]

Remember the ABU Optic flies anyone?

Here is one for the squirrel tail theme. Do you remember Callgirl, Streamtease, Pin-up and Playboy. Well if you grew up in the sixties and seventies you probably do. My first rod and reel was a spinning outfit, and at that time spinning tackle didn’t get any better than the products made in Svängsta, Sweden. […]

While I’m waiting for rain

September traditionally offers lots of fly fishing opportunities around here, but this year… well the start of the autumn kind of sucks. We’ve had a warm and dry summer, and the rivers are running low, clear and warm. That means a delay in the run of sea trout. I’ve spent several late evenings and some […]

Countdown to a new season

Today I had to check the calendar to realize that we are in midwinter. The weather is grey, damp and definitively warm considering that we are in the first week of 2013. The new season of trout fishing is nine days away and it’s just fine with me. I am struck by cabin fever again, […]