Shades of Green – fly tying – video

My own pattern inspired by the fabulous Woolly Bugger and Scandinavian sea trout flies like the Magnus. The name… well it is pretty green and at first i just called it “the green fly.” But as it turned out this green bastard caught so many sea trout during it’s first days of action, that I had to give it a name. And there was this erotic movie, that seemed to be on every media at that time so….
Anyway green is great for silvery trout, so try it out. I know the trout like it, and I hope you will too.

Shades of Green 

Hook: Ahrex Classic Streamer NS118 #4-8

Tread:  Chartreuse or green (use your favourite brand :0)

Tail:  2 soft marabou-like feathers from the lower part of a  softpatch. Grizzly dyed chartreuse or fluo. yellow

Body: Woolly Sparkle Dub, Chartreuse Sparkle

Rib: Tying thread

Head: Woolly Sparkle Dub, Chartreuse Sparkle

Eyes: Medium size bead chain eyes, silver


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