Casual Dressed for the Williamson River

Polly Rosborough’s Casual Dress Nymph Back in 2013 I wrote a blog on Polly Rosborough’s Casual Dress Nymph. That article was the reason why I later got a mail from fellow fly fisherman Marlon Rampy, saying: “Hi Michael It is always nice to discover a fresh blog with great content. Enjoyed the night looking at […]

Deer hair dry fly

Deer Hair Hackle Dry Fly – Special dry fly tying technique

Wanna tie a super floating dry fly, without spending big bucks on top quality dry fly hackle? This Hair Hackle Dry Fly is a 2 minute tie, will float for hours, and is fat and juicy enough to make a large trout or a smallmouth bass rise to the surface and engulf it. And it […]

Girdle Bug – classic trout fly tying

Tying SBS and underwater action on the Girdle Bug. In the box it looks like shit, but when you’ve seen it solid embedded in the jaw of large trout often enough… well you come to like the bastard. It still isn’t beautiful but it looks efficient and killing in the way an AK-47 does. Well […]

Montana Nymph – classic nymph fly tying

Tying sbs and underwater footage of The Montana Nymph. This pattern has changed a bit over time, This is however what you could call the current accepted “original”. Like other great fly styles, this can be tied in a lot of different color combinations. I prefer the black and yellow – and use it as […]

Bloodworm Larvae – nymph fly tying

The name bloodworm refers to several species of wormlike creatures – including some large saline rag worms. This fly however imitates the red midge larvas found in many lakes, ponds and slow moving rivers. This is a very simple and uncomplicated tie, but it has given me trout, grayling and some really large whitefish. I […]

Deerhair Dun – dry fly tying

My favourite kind of no-hackle dry fly. I use natural wool, that absorbs any kind of fly floatant easily. With the air filled body hair from deer this floats right in the surface – imitating a hatching mayfly dun. This has been one of my go-to dry flies for more years that i care to […]

Bead heads and glass heads

Opening of trout season is just a week away now – so I feel the usual heat of cabin fever. To dampen the worst symptoms I am tying flies and making a lot of new fly tying films for my YouTube channel. The last couple of days a bunch of bead head nymphs has been […]

Damselfly Booby – fly tying – video

A Damselfly Booby fished on a sinking line is a deadly setup for trout in stillwaters as well as in slow moving rivers. Damsel fly larvae are active swimmers and their swimming action is very well imitated in this combination of foam eyes, discrete sparkling wool body and lively marabou tail. Damselfly Booby (with affiliate […]

Damselfly Booby

It’s green, buoyant… and very much alive. As all Booby flies, this is best fished on a sinking line. The damselfly larva is a very active swimmer and can be found wiggling around in most stillwaters and a lot of rivers all year round. This is an easy tie and a great contribution to any […]

The Teeny Nymph revisited

Back in the late 80’s I was a big fan of Jim Teeny. I was carrying his fly lines in my fly shop, and using them myself as well. It was the Teeny Mini-tip sink tip lines and the T-series of sinking lines. I still have some of these lines. But… for some reason I […]