Gammarus imitations – curved or straight hooks?

Gammarus! They are everywhere in salt- and freshwater – and they are active year round. Most fish have a close relationship to these small critters, and you should as well. The small crustaceans from the family Gammaridae count more than 200 described species. That’s a lot of bugs. Some of these live in moist places […]

Fishing lure tips – light, color and visibility

Today, let’s talk color. Being anglers, most of us are interested in colors. Whether we swing flies, spoons, spinners, crankbait or jigs. Everybody is searching for that color combo that is just irresistible to anything with fins. We use as much time talking colors as we do talking weather – and bad excuses for not […]

Rig a Texas Worm – basic angling tips

With underwater swimming action. Learn how to make the classic Texas Rigged Worm rig. This is probably the worlds most popular rigs for bass – but equally effective for walleye, trout, pike, perch and other predators.

Put a rattle inside your Tube Bait – DIY angling tip

Tube baits are super effective soft lures, and they work really well for crawdad eating predators like trout, bass, pike, perch and walleye. But in some cases you can increase your succes rate dramatically by adding sound to you bait. Being hollow, tube baits beg to be pimped up in different ways, and shoving a […]

Turn your jig into a spinnerbait – lure action underwater footage

How to turn your favourite jig into a spinnerbait, using a Lindy jig spinner. The blade adds more flash, commotion and sound to your jig – which can be a bonus in dark weather conditions, in muddy or stained water or during night fishing. This combo is deadly for pike, perch, walleye, musky, zander, bass […]

How to use the Storm R. I. P. Multi-depth Screw System

Your guide to rigging large softbaits using Storm’s R.I.P. Multi-depth Screw System – or most other hook and wire leaders setups. Close-up filming, easy to follow step-by-step instructions – and underwater film clips.

ABU Revo Inshore RV4 – casting brake setup guide

All you need to know for adjusting the casting brakes on your ABU Garcia Revo Inshore reel. A few minutes watching this video – enables you to get a smooth performance of this fabulous baitcasting reel. The process will work fine for a lot of other baitcasting reels as well. If you have a shop […]