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How to fish hair jigs – basic angling tips

Introduction to hair jig fishing. Learn my techniques for fishing those classic hair jigs – filmed above and below the surface. This is just an introduction to some of the most versatile techniques for fishing bass, walleye, perch, panfish, trout, pike and musky. New videos on special techniques like vertical jigging and jig & bobber […]

Black & Purple marabou Jig

Black and Purple Marabou Jig – classic hair jig tying tutorial

Tying SBS and underwater footage. Today we turn to the dark side. A famous Danish salmon fisherman once said: Color don’t matter – as long as it’s black. He was talking about fly color and salmon fishing, but the saying applies to most kind of lures and lot of species. Some even though some people […]

Black Mushroom marabou Jig

Black Mushroom Marabou Jig – classic hair jig tying tutorial

Black marabou jigs kick started the revival of hair jig fishing. Mainly because Canadian tournament fishermen used this as a secret weapon for years. But the secret got out eventually, and now this is one of the most popular jigs for smallmouth bass, trout, walleye, and perch – and around here it works great for […]

Black'n'Blue Bucktail Jig

Black’n’Blue Bucktail Jig – classic bucktail jig tying

Underwater action and full tying SBS of the Black’n’Blue Bucktail Jig If you fish deep structures, drop-offs and deep weedbeds this color combo is highly visible even in stained water. It’s also a go-to jig for fishing on dark days, at dusk and dawn – and a great cold water pattern. Check out the underwater […]


The Blushing Blonde Jig – a reverse tied Classic Bucktail Jig

A new jig pattern Back in early spring I came up with a new jig pattern as a present to my wife Ulla. I called it the Blushing Blonde Jig, since, like this lure, Ulla is a blonde (at least at the moment ;0) and the blushing pink part of the design was inspired by […]

Pink Shrimp Jig

Pink Shrimp Jig – trout, salmon and steelhead hair jig tying

Underwater action and full tying SBS on the Pink Shrimp Jig. Shrimps are an important food source for most saltwater fish, but a Shrimp imitation works great in freshwater as well – especially when fishing for anadromous migrating fish. Salmon, sea run brown trout, steelhead and other species loves a juicy shrimp. My Pink Shrimp […]


Go big… or go home :0)

This week I had a trip up to my friend Thomas Wæver to fish his favourite lake for large northern pike. I left the home in the middle of the night (normally I’m not an early bird), and drove north through a frosty white landscape. It was a beautiful morning, and when I arrived, the […]


Opening day – for teeth

Today is May the 1st, and in Denmark this is the opening day for pike fishing after the breeding in April. As most everyone else, we are in quarantine. Around here quarantine means to stay home from work, and since I’ve worked from my home the last 4 decades, that’s just business as usual. We […]


The game is on!

After a long warm and pretty boring winter, spring finally hit Denmark this last week. And in different tempo, working its way from south to north, the miracle is happening all over the Northern Hemisphere in the coming months. Just about everywhere in salt- and in freshwater things start happening. Water temperatures are rising and […]

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7 reasons why you need bucktail jigs

Why you need bucktail jigs? Well, I am a lure freak, and I love fishing spinner baits, spoons, jerkbaits, crankbaits and any other kinds of lures. I guess you feel the same way. But say, one day a large troll came crashing out from the woods and said. “Ok dude, you can use one lure […]