Bill Edson’s Light Tiger – classic trout streamer fly tying tutorial

Bill Edson’s Light Tiger – Fly tying tutorial – find the pattern down below.

The Light Tiger and the Dark Tiger are probably Bill Edson’s most famous streamer flies.

In this video I will show you how I tie the Light Tiger, and especially how I prepare the famous brass eyes before tying them in.

The Light Tiger gave me a 28 inches sea-run brown trout on the first trip, and has been a steady producer ever since.

It has a bit of Mickey Finn vibe (another favourite actually), but the dark body and the brass eyes make it special.

If you don’t have the brass eyes, I’ve put a link to those in the description below. And you can use Jungle Cock as a substitute. Thanks for watching :0)

Cheers, Ulla and Michael

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Bill Edson's Light Tiger
Bill Edson's Light Tiger
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Bill Edson’s Light Tiger

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