Put a rattle inside your Tube Bait – DIY angling tip

Tube baits are super effective soft lures, and they work really well for crawdad eating predators like trout, bass, pike, perch and walleye. But in some cases you can increase your succes rate dramatically by adding sound to you bait. Being hollow, tube baits beg to be pimped up in different ways, and shoving a […]

How to rig Tube Baits – on jig head – and Texas style

Rigging tips and underwater swimming action. Tube baits are great for imitating crawdads, squids, shrimps, leeches, eels and other critters – and they are dependable producers when targeting bass, pike, perch, walleye, trout and most other predators. They work great for anything from hammering the bottom to lightline finesse techniques. Learn how to rig these […]

Cabela’s Worm Bass Bucket – jigs and softbaits

What’s in a Cabela’s worm bucket? – and do you get your money’s worth? We take a look inside and I give you my unbiased opinion of the product. Probably most interesting for my American viewers since Cabela’s don’t seem eager to ship to Europe anymore.

Mickey Finn Bucktail Jig – classic hair jig tying

The classic bucktail jig tied in the fabulous Mickey Finn color combination. Watch this hair jig swim under water and bring some beautiful lake living wild brown trout to the boat. More blogs on Bucktail jigs: https://michaeljensens.com/angling/?s=bucktail+jigs You wanna support my blog? Read on! Affiliate links: Do you want to know more about Affiliate? Read here: https://michaeljensens.com/angling/af… […]

Turn your jig into a spinnerbait – lure action underwater footage

How to turn your favourite jig into a spinnerbait, using a Lindy jig spinner. The blade adds more flash, commotion and sound to your jig – which can be a bonus in dark weather conditions, in muddy or stained water or during night fishing. This combo is deadly for pike, perch, walleye, musky, zander, bass […]

Storm 360GT Searchbait – fishing lures under water

Keep it simple. Cast out. Let it sink. Start retrieving and searching. Underwater action footage – see this bait swim in natural lakes and rivers. If you want to buy Storm 360GT Search Bait, you can find lots of options on this affiliate link: https://amzn.to/2nzkR3e

11 Jigs Swimming – crazy underwater swimming action

Crazy underwater swimming action. Watch 11 cool hairjigs swimming in real lakes and streams – and see for yourself why these jigs are so productive for bass, pike, musky, trout, perch, walleye, zander, catfish and a bunch of saltwater predators as well. All of the jigs are tied by me :0) Do you wanna tie […]

Black Muskrat Jig – hair jig tying

Watch the underwater action of this black bad boy. It’s sneaky… and deadly on trout, salmon, pike, perch, musky, bass, zander and walleye. And it’s an easy tie as well. Check it out :o)

Back home again

Ulla and I are back, after 3 weeks road-tripping Northern Scandinavia. We were offline most of the time. Partly out of necessity since internet coverage was pretty lousy, but also because it felt right. Sweden was burning hot, literally – with forest fires going on and firefighters trying to control the chaos. With helicopters transporting […]