Damselfly Booby – fly tying – video

A Damselfly Booby fished on a sinking line is a deadly setup for trout in stillwaters as well as in slow moving rivers. Damsel fly larvae are active swimmers and their swimming action is very well imitated in this combination of foam eyes, discrete sparkling wool body and lively marabou tail. Damselfly Booby (with affiliate […]

P & S Shrimp – fly tying – video

A shrimp pattern that I made for sea trout fishing in saltwater and brackish water estuaries in Scandinavia. P & S Shrimp stands for Plain & Simple Shrimp, since this fly is pretty easy to tie – and super effective. I use several different hooks models for this one: short shank as well as long […]

Gold Cayenne Pepper Sculpin – fly tying – video

Spicy streamer fly for trout, salmon and steelhead. I use this one in freshwater as well as in the salt. In this video I tie it on an OPST intruder shank. For saltwater duty I often use standard saltwater streamer hook. For the hook connection I use braided spinning line or light braided wire depending […]

Spawning brown trout

Brown trout spawning in a tributarie to a Danish lake. This small clip was made during storm and rain in December 2015. The fish are in the 4 – 6 pound range – and are beautiful wild lake living browns.

Egg Sucking Leech – fly tying – video

My take on a classic streamer pattern. A must have fly for just about any kind of streamer fishing for trout, steelhead and salmon. I make this fly in black, olive, brown and rusty brown colors. This one is tied with Woolly Sparkle Dub in the color Black Widow. The head is a tungsten bead. […]

Mic’s Woolly Baitfish (underwater) – video

A rather simple but effective baitfish streamer fly that i use in fresh- and saltwater. I this video you can see it swimming underwater. On my YouTube channel you can find a tying video on this fly as well. This fly is tied with only one material (not counting hook, thread and 3D eyes) – […]

Mic’s Woolly Baitfish – fly tying – video

Baitfish imitation tied with Woolly Sparkle Dub.   Find more info, fly patterns and tying- and fishing tips on Woolly Sparkle Dub here…  Watch Woolly Sparkle Dub videos here…  You can buy Woolly Sparkle Dub right here…  You can buy Natural Sculpin Wool here… 

Mic’s Woolhead Sculpin (underwater) – video

Short video of one of my favorite sculpin imitations under water. On my YouTube channel you can find a video with tying instructions for Mic’s Woolhead Sculpin. The fly is tied with Natural Sculpin Wool by Michael Jensen. See full fly tying SBS on Mic’s Woolhead Sculpin. Click here… Or see full fly tying SBS […]