Purple Zonker/Bunny Firetail Jig and other dark and purple lures and flies

Purple Zonker Firetail Jig

Rabbit strips and jig heads are a perfect match. The jig head adds a lot of action to the super soft rabbit fur, and the added weight when the fur gets wet, gives longer cast, even with relatively light jig heads.

Soaked rabbit fur can be a pain to cast on the fly rod, but on a spinning rod or a baitcasting outfit, it is a bonus.

I’ve called this jig Zonker Jig, but even though it incorporates a zonker strip, it is actually more of a Bunny style jig – since the strip is wrapped around the hook shank.

You can tie this jig in every imaginable colour combination. These pink and purple colours can be the number one combo, when fishing for perch in my home waters, though. And it is a great combination for trout as well.

Purple Zonker/Bunny Firetail Jig

Somehow the dark tones of black and purple are great for lures and flies when you fish at dawn or dusk, dark rainy days, murky water, night fishing – and strangely enough for just about anything else.

When you are at it, tie at bunch of these. They will turn a lot of (fish)heads this season.

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And other purple flies and lures from our YouTube channel as well:

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    Randy Dupuis

    (March 16, 2023 - 4:40 am)

    I’m new to the art of fly tying but I’ve tied muskie bucktail spinners for 2 years now. Can you recommend a great book to get me started. I’ll be tying bucktail jigs to start. Love your videos, you’re a very talented man. Wishing you all of life’s best.

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