Yellow Monster Bugger – articulated streamer fly tying – video


Lean, mean and with a color that make big trout go bananas :0) Slimline articulated streamer fly, that makes a good alternative to the more compact sculpin style articulated streamers. It’s an easy tie, the materials are cheap and it’s a killer (even though we probably release most of the fish anyway 😉

Yellow Monster Bugger (with affiliate links)

Rear hook: Ahrex NS110 Streamer S/E #2 –

Tread:  White UTC 140 –

Tail: Marabou, Yellow (Blood Quill) –

Body: Pearl cactus chenille 15 mm –

Palmer hackle: Schlappen Yellow  –

Rubberlegs: Black and white barred –

Connection: Mono or fluorocarbon 15 – 30 pound 

Beads: 3 glass beads –

Front hook: Ahrex NS110 Streamer S/E #2 

Tread:  White UTC 140 

Eyes: Dumbbell eyes chartreuse, medium –

Tail: Marabou, Yellow (Blood Quill)

Flash rear: Flashabou mix multi silver –

Body: Pearl cactus chenille 15 mm 

Palmer hackle: Schlappen Yellow  

Flash front: Flashabou mix multi silver 

Rubberlegs: Black and white barred

Front hackle: Schlappen Yellow

Head/shoulder: Build up with Woolly Sparkle Dub,  Red UV Sparkle

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