Fashion changes – but style endures

Hooks are the backbones of most artificial flies, and we fly tiers tend to get kind of emotional about this particular piece of steel. Sure… we choose hooks out of practical purposes. We want them to be strong, light or heavy, have a sharp point and lots of other features – depending on their actual […]

Fat Bugger (Black’n’silver) – streamer fly tying – video

Streamer fly for trout, perch, bass and other predators. It has got a jigging action and lots of movement and flash. I like this color combo – especially for night fishing and dark days. It’s just an amazing searching pattern for rivers as well as lakes. Fat Bugger Black’n’silver  (with affiliate links) Hook: Ahrex NS110 […]

Loopy Leech – fly tying – video

This is the illegitimate offspring from a romance between a Fur Leech and a Woolly Bugger. Not really rocket science – but the dubbing loop technique give a lot of options for mixing colours, structures and materials. I use Woolly Sparkle Dub, which is a natural wool dubbing with some subtle sparkle in it. You […]

Loopy Leech – a reloaded Woolly Bugger

The Woolly Worm and the Woolly Bugger are some of my favourite flies – and recently I’ve worked a bit on the concept of making a Woolly Bugger that incorporated a bit more sparkle and flash than the original. Furthermore I wanted to make it a bit more flexible – by making it easy to […]

Wool Glo Bug – fly tying – video

A small fly for those fish that raid the breeding grounds of trout and salmon. Dead drift these alone – or use ’em in combination with a weighted Girdle Bug, a Bitch Creek or similar weighted nymphs.

Gold Cayenne Pepper Sculpin – fly tying – video

Spicy streamer fly for trout, salmon and steelhead. I use this one in freshwater as well as in the salt. In this video I tie it on an OPST intruder shank. For saltwater duty I often use standard saltwater streamer hook. For the hook connection I use braided spinning line or light braided wire depending […]

Easter Bunny zonker fly

I made this meaty streamer fly for brown trout fishing, and it has been really productive during the past season. With the heavy dumbbell eyes it is definitively not made for light tackle and long tippets. But any sensible streamer setup in the 7 to 8 weigh range will do. A Skagit style line is […]

Egg Sucking Leech – fly tying – video

My take on a classic streamer pattern. A must have fly for just about any kind of streamer fishing for trout, steelhead and salmon. I make this fly in black, olive, brown and rusty brown colors. This one is tied with Woolly Sparkle Dub in the color Black Widow. The head is a tungsten bead. […]