Barred blue zonker – streamer fly tying tutorial

Watch the underwater footage of this fly, and you know you are gonna need to tie it! The Zonker is not a specific pattern, but a type of streamer fly typically tied with a furry skin strip from rabbit for wing and tail. You can use other types of fur as well. Muskrat, fox, mink and a lot of other materials.

The Zonker is credited to Dan Byford from Colorado, and he tied this fly first in the mid 1970’s. The idea of using a rabbit strip in the exact same manner, as a wing/tail is much older though.

The New Zealand streamer the Rabbit Fly was in use way back in the 1930’s – and is in effect a zonker fly but with a body of wool or chenille instead of the mylar tubing that are popular on zonker flies. Most likely the popular NZ Matuka patterns have led to the use of a rabbit strip tied in matuka style.

Anyway this is a super effective streamer type for bass, pike, musky, zander, walleye, trout, perch and most other predators in fresh- and saltwater.

This barred blue back and pearly white belly version is a go-to streamer for me, and often my first choise for a searching pattern in clear water conditions. Great for fishing on dark days or in the twillight zone at dawn and dusk.

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Barred Blue Zonker
Materials for Barred Blue Zonker - Streamer Fly Tying Tutorial

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Barred Blue Zonker - Streamer Fly Tying Tutorial