Bill Edson’s own flies

I’m working on an article on the late great William R. (Bill) Edson and his streamer flies, not least his Light- and Dark Tigers. Bill tied a lot of tandem trolling streamers as well. Most of his flies carry the trademark brass eyes.

I feel lucky to have the opportunity to sit with Bill Edson’s personal collection of flies and his own fly books in my hands. It really makes the history come alive.

Bill Edson's Dark Tiger & Light Tiger
Bill Edson's own flies

The flies in these photos are tied by Bill and some of them have been fished hard, it seems. If flies could tell stories, man…I would love to listen. Sadly, they can’t – so that part is up to me.

Bill Edson's own flies

And that’s exactly what I am doing at the moment; telling stories. First in an article for Scandinavian fly fishing magazine Flugfiske i Norden. Later on the story and the flies will be featured on my blog and on my YouTube channel.

Bill Edson's own flies

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Cheers, Michael

Bill Edson's Brass Eyes
Bill Edson's own flies
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