Girdle Bug – ugly but very effective

One of the main reasons that I love fly tying is being able to create something beautiful… that actually will catch fish. I try to stock my fly boxes with a lot of classic and nice looking flies. But… there are a few exceptions form the rule. One of the more ugly looking flies is […]

G&H Sedge Variant

Yesterday I tried to tie dry flies, while a savage storm was busy making a large hole in our roof. It sounded like an elephant was dancing on the ceiling – and the noise made it a bit difficult to concentrate. Today a friendly carpenter is working on the roof, and I’m into more fly […]

A dry fly rod and a storm front

I’ve been sneaking around various auction sites for a while now, looking for a nice classic dry fly rod. I especially felt a strong urge to wrap my casting hand around the Portuguese cork handle on a vintage Sage LL (Light Line) rod. But the owners of rods from this early Sage linage, it seems, […]

Trueblood Shrimp

Today I found myself in need of an uncomplicated scud- or shrimp pattern. Having tied a lot of classic flies lately, I decided to find the pattern for Ted Trueblood’s simple Trueblood Shrimp. All you need for this one is a wet fly hook (I prefer a 2x long version, like Mustad 3906B or substitutes), […]

Will the real Woolly Worm please stand up?

If you do a Google search for the Woolly Worm you are going to find a lot of links with hackled flies that are relatively true to the origin of this fly, but you will also find some flies that has only a very slight resemblance to the original. I like to experiment as much […]

Kittelfjall – Arctic grayling and the Goldhead Nymph

Had a crazy fishy road trip this summer. Lasse and I were cruising the southern part of Swedish Lapland looking for trout, char and grayling. Besides from experiencing close encounters with hordes of bloodthirsty Laplandic mosquitoes we did find some great fishing as well: Especially in the Kittelfjall region. The grayling was numerous and the […]

My Damselfly Nymph

Damselfly nymphs are stable trout food in most lakes, but they are very common in slow flowing rivers as well. Last season I had great success with pretty simple damselfly patterns I came up with. I caught some nice brown trout and a few sea trout on this fly. For this season I have improved […]

Polly Rosborough’s Casual Dress Nymph

It is basically a fly hook, a pinch of muskrat fur… and a lot of life. It might be casual dressed – but will stop any trout in its track There is so many ways you can dress up a trout fly. Some flies are classic, some are beautiful and then some are… well just […]