Shimano Curado I series – a short introduction and a setup video instruction


Shimano knows their business and technology when it comes to fishing reel, and the Curado baitcaster has a reputation for being the ultimate workhorse for everyday fishing. The company makes lots of more expensive baitcasting reels, but the Curado offers real bang for the bucks – and is the go-to reel for a lot of hardcore anglers.


I’ve used Curados for something like two decades, using different incarnations of this classic during the years. Each one of these has stood up to a lot of beating – and still delivered smooth performance. Recently I upgraded to the 201I HG model.

I have only used this reel for a about 3 months by now, but this sure is a sweet reel… and handles casting weight all the way down to a ¼ oz. (7 grams) without any problems. With a compact casting weight and a sensitive thumb you can go even lower – if you use a rod that matches the casting weight.


It’s a super versatile reel and perfect for light jigging, casting small crankbaits or minnow sticks, finesse rigging, vertical stuff and lots of other fishing situations in freshwater as well as in the salt. Good choice for Scandinavian sea trout fishing in rivers and on the coast as well.


All you gotta do to get a smooth performance on the Curado is to adjust the casting brakes correct for your chosen casting weight and fishing situation.
If you want to buy this reel – you can find it here:

Watch this video for a short setup guide…